It’s Time to Switch From Facebook Comments to Viafoura

Since switching from Facebook Comments to Viafoura Conversations, our team has seen a 99.9% reduction in spam comments, a 2.6x increase in comments and a 70% reduction in time spent moderating.

Mike FerrariDigital Products Manager, Swift Communications

With the right commenting platform, publishers and media companies can create thriving online communities that drive engagement, subscriptions, and long-term loyalty. But if you pick the wrong platform or vendor, you’ll miss out on critical features that will help your company grow.

Legacy commenting platforms like Facebook Comments are outdated and lack the functionality that you need to foster authentic, civil discourse in your communities. Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of Viafoura Conversations and Facebook Comments and see the difference for yourself.

viafoura vs facebook comments

Facebook Comments lacks an effective, instant way to moderate content, track engagement metrics, access user data or advertise in comment sections. Without these features in place, you can’t build and monetize a close community of commenters.

But Viafoura won’t let you miss out on this revenue-building opportunity. Join other leading media organizations who are switching from Facebook Comments to Viafoura Conversations and watch your community grow and thrive!

What You Can’t Get With Facebook:

Civil Conversations

Spam Filters

Data Insight and Ownership

A Profitable Community

Swift Switches to Viafoura from Facebook Comments

How Swift Communications Increased Audience Engagement 2.6X and Identified Untapped Revenue Opportunities

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