Engage and increase the value of your audience.

  • Multimedia conversation plugin.
  • Content curation and moderation.
  • Social monetization focused analytics.
  • Simple integration and enterprise support.
  • Reward users and build community.
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Hearst, Bell, Tribune, TimeWarner, Gatehouse Media, Discovery, France 24, World Fishing Network, TC Media

Build a stronger, more profitable community.

Viafoura is an easy to integrate audience engagement and social monetization platform. Build a strong and active community around your content with our leading multimedia commenting and community social plugins.

Allow your users to connect through social login, collect rich user data and manage all your users from a single master dashboard.

Highlight the best conversations with our automated curation algorithms and incentivize those contributors with rewards. Social monetization focused analytics provides you the data to make better decisions and command higher CPM’s.

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