Turn Visitors

into Subscribers

Grow subscriptions by building a civil, engaged
community around your content.

62% more engagement

Drive engagement with your content across your property

20% more time spent on page

Keep your users on your site for longer


Convert more visitors to paid subscribers.

You should be the home of your community. We can help you build it.

Viafoura will activate your community. Keep them engaged with your content. Uphold your community guidelines. Grow your revenue.

Activate Your Community

Enable a frictionless login experience with email registration or social login.

Identity Management

Engage Your Community

Encourage discussions with your content with mobile friendly and light weight engagement tools.


Allow SEO friendly real-time conversations around your content – not toxic comments.



Live Blogging

Live blog stories and ingest social feeds to boost community engagement on your site.



Community Chat

Create a dynamic chat room that auto moderates the conversation in real time.



Ratings & Reviews

Enable users to share their experiences about places, products and events.



Moderate Your Community

Reduce your human moderation efforts by 90% with our Intelligent Auto Moderation Engine which enforces your community guidelines to promote civility.

Moderation for Civility

Keep Your Community

Enable a Newsfeed, Push Notifications, User Badging and Follow buttons to create a socially immersive experience that keeps users coming back to your site.

Immersive Social Experience

Grow Your Community

Understand all the rich data points of your community and connect the data directly to your Paywall and Business Intelligence tools. You own ALL of your data.

Audience Insights

We support over:


Page views a month


Active users

Viafoura’s platform has been instrumental in upholding our commitment to creating a respectful, safe, and welcoming community.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

You get the community you deserve, you need to invest in it, so we are happy to have found a platform with moderation and engagement tools that will build trust and encourage quality conversation and relationships.

Graham Media Group

Viafoura is a much-needed and welcomed enhancement to Graham Media Group, improving the user experience and increasing audience engagement.

The Dallas Morning News

The tools included in the Viafoura suite make our work faster and more efficient in addition to offering us more detailed analytics about our commenting community.

GateHouse Media

Viafoura has been a true partner with us for many years. They have rolled out several features that were custom to our setup, and have excellent customer support.

20 Minutes

We chose to replace our proprietary tools with Viafoura to provide our audience with feature-rich capabilities that now allow our audience to comment in real time and also gain a personalized experience around the content and community we work to create.

Ready to build a direct relationship with your community?