User Login Management Tool

Let your community create personalized profiles directly on your site.

Personalized User

Create a seamless user experience by enabling your audience to create a personalized profile directly on your site. A personalized onsite profile gives users the power to share, interact, follow and comment anywhere on site.

With the help of identity resolution, media companies can also piece together consumer identities and behaviors on their properties to get a complete understanding of their communities.

Viafoura User Registration
Viafoura Social Login

Social & Email Login

Create a frictionless login experience with user name, email registration or social login directly on your site.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on allows users to easily move across integrated web properties, third-party applications and mobile apps, following content through all of those offerings.

Viafoura Single Sign-On

Included with Viafoura’s Community Building Suite


Encourage civil conversations around your content.

Live Blogging

Provide coverage of live events and enable content curation of stories.

Community Chat

Connect your audience, journalists and experts.

Ratings & Reviews

Let users react to the experiences they encounter.

Ready to build a direct relationship with your community?