Social Login

In just one click, users can connect to your content and community faster than ever before

Social Login makes it easy for users to register and login to your site using an existing social ID with support for more than 30 sign-in options including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Support for 30+ Social Networks

Login options for Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more than 30 other providers


Frictionless Login

One-click login allows users to log into your site and create a profile quickly and easily


Cross-Channel Authentication

Login on multiple digital properties without having to re-authenticate

How it works

Social Login forms a direct connection between your site and the APIs of various popular social networks:

Social Login

A user clicks on the Social Login button to login or register on your site


An instant authentication request is sent to the social network


The network confirms the user’s ID, giving them access to your site


Your team receives accurate profile data from the social network

Registration Made Simple

Social Login increases registration rates, removes barriers to site entry, and provides permission-based access to users’ rich first-party identity data, allowing you to start delivering personalized experiences and build deeper relationships with your audience.

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