User Registration & Login

Create a frictionless registration experience with Standard Login, Social Login, and Single Sign-On across all your digital properties

Users can easily authenticate with an existing social ID or email address that automatically links them to a single account. In just one click, users can connect to your content and community quicker and easier than ever before.

Email Registration

Email Registration takes care of the entire authentication process from password resets, user profiles, email verifications, and account linking, saving you significant time and resources.

Social Login

Social Login makes it easy for users to register using an existing social ID with support for over 40 of the most popular social ID providers on a global scale.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to create and use a single identity across all of your digital properties without having to re-authenticate.


Choose from 40+ Social IDs Providers

Viafoura supports over 40 of the most popular social IDs including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Build Rich User Profiles with First-Party Data

Access permission-based identity data tied to the user’s profile upon successful login including verified email addresses, likes, interests, contacts, and much more. Data is gathered after the user consents to share it with you, and from there the information is normalized into a universal format. Link multiple social profiles associated with one user and acquire more data.


Cross-Channel Authentication

Improve the user experience with seamless cross-channel authentication, allowing users to authenticate using one channel and utilize it across other channels with Single Sign-On.


Fully Customizable Interface

Fully customize the look and feel of your user registration interface to match your applications. You can choose your desired social ID providers, button style, and manage the user experience from top to bottom.

How it works


An user clicks on sign-up using Email Registration or Social Login


An instant authentication request is sent to the social network or email provider


The network or email provider confirms your user’s ID, giving them access to your digital properties


Your team receives accurate profile data from the social network or email provider

User Registration Made Simple

This seamless user experience increases registration rates, removes barriers to site entry, and provides permission-based access to users’ first-party identity data, allowing you to start delivering personalized experiences and build deeper relationships with your audience.

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