Live chat for Virtual Events

Let your event attendees chat in real-time during your live-streamed event.

Bring your attendees together at your next event by hosting real-time Community Chats, which allow hosts, fellow attendees and sponsors to have rapid discussions and Q&As.

Whether it’s a livestream video, virtual lounge, or lobby networking session, our Enterprise Community Chat feature will enable attendees to engage and network with one another in real-time.

Community Chat can easily be built and deployed within your virtual event app platform.

Expecting thousands of attendees at your event? No problem. Our enterprise-grade messaging platform can scale to handle tens of thousands of concurrent users.

Not only is our Community Chat tool lightweight and mobile-friendly, it’s also easy to implement across any type of content and ensures your community guidelines are upheld.

Live chat tool for virtual events

Enable conversations to take place before, during and after the event.

Not everyone can be present during a livestream event. Give users the flexibility to engage with your company and other attendees days before, during or after the event, and allow the community to flourish even when you’re not actively involved. 

Our Conversations feature gives you the power to create highly engaging discussion forums for each session and breakout room. And if you have multiple concurrent sessions, you can also promote all trending conversations between users in a single place through our recirculation feature.

Make re-engagement easy by allowing attendees to tag their favorite sessions, speakers, or categories. Then, serve up content attendees are most interested in with a personalized event News Feed. Our Active Conversations widget can also be leveraged to drive attention and traffic to high engagement sessions.

Enable user badging to showcase speakers, sponsors & experts and highlight organizer picks to showcase the most meaningful conversations in the session threads.

commenting tool for virtual events

Bring event highlights to the forefront with our live blog

Give your event organizers and facilitators the ability to blog in real-time to cover the event.
Leverage social media by automatically publishing posts from Twitter that include the event’s hashtag, and relevant content from Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

Cover important event developments, your thought leaders, sponsors, and highlights to curate content guaranteed to be relevant to your audiences.

Live blog a multi-day event to focus users’ attention on what truly matters and to drive engagement leading up to and during the events.

Spark engagement on your site or app around all the social media updates surrounding event participants and related content based on event hashtags.

Live blog for Virtual events

Keep conversations civil and brand-safe during virtual events.

Keep all participants including attendees, facilitators and sponsors comfortable enough to voice their thoughts during your virtual gatherings.

Our AI-powered Auto-Moderation Engine goes beyond a simple banned word list. It actually helps enforce your community guidelines, custom-built to your audience, and their nuanced language.

It also accurately moderates toxic content before it gets posted, reducing your total moderation efforts by 90%.

We also include an easy-to-use yet powerful Moderation Console, designed to increase the efficiency of your event team so they have more time to focus on the success of the event itself.

Wrap your virtual event with an immersive social experience

Embed rich social features throughout your site to keep attendees engaged during your events. Create ‘stickiness’ around your event content with features that allow your guests to connect with others and personalize their experience with your brand. Leverage a wide variety of features, including:

Personalized User Profiles — let your participants create a site avatar, view their history, and see their followers.

Notifications & News Feed — Enable multi-platform push notifications to alert users about event developments even when they’re not on-site.

Following speakers, event topics and other attendees — allow your delegates to stay up to date in real-time by following the people and content from your event they care for the most

Audience Insights — Get critical insights and data APIs to better know and target your attendees based on their behaviors, interests, and preferences.

Viafoura Preference Center and User Profile

Viafoura for Virtual Events takes advantage of:


Encourage civil conversations around your virtual event.


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Live Blogging

Provide coverage of live virtual events and enable content curation of stories.


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Community Chat

Connect your audience, event organizers, and sponsors.


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