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Publishers and media brands from around the world rely on Viafoura to build thriving, engaged, and civil online communities.

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Since 2012, over 800 brands and 800+ million active users have relied on Viafoura’s engagement and content moderation platform to connect with each other and facilitate civil discourse. By partnering with Viafoura, publishers can nurture thriving communities and reap the benefits of online engagement — including more page views, greater ad revenue and an increase in paying subscribers.

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Case Studies



Time spent in comments increased by 24%


The Independent

Increased registrations by 100% in 12 months


Griffin Communications

Increased monthly UVs by 500K


Graham Media Group

Increased average user lifetime value by 150%


The Weather Network

Expanded active community by over 50%


Reach PLC

Increased fan engagement by 150%


Swift Communications

Saw a 2.6x increase in comments


Grupo Nacion

Increased new registered users by 180%



Increased user attention time by 20%



Increased new registered users by 68%


Sports Media Company

Boosted website engagement by 25%


The Virginian Pilot

Increased pageviews from users by 39%


El Tiempo

Increased attention minutes per visitor by 64%


The Online News Association

Got Event Attendees to Watch 70% of Video Sessions Live


The platform is cutting edge including AI engine, moderation services are industry leading and the VF team are progressive and great to work with. What they have works great, what they don't have that we might want they are more than happy to look at; new solutions and features that may be specific to us as a UK publisher. But most of all, I love that they 'get it'. A platform built by people who understand the user cases, background and our aims.

Daniel JAudience Engagement, Reach PLC

2.6X engagement - Before Viafoura we used Facebook comments, which means users had to have a Facebook account to engage. Since switching to Viafoura and their multiple social login channels/custom login, we've seen a steady increase in user registrations and in user engagement (commenting).

Mike FerrariAudience Engagement, Swift Communications

The platform is powerful, and the level of service we've received from our Viafoura team has been excellent.

Kayla GVP Content Development, CNHI

Viafoura makes it easy to eliminate offensive and defamatory comments. It allows us to keep a community of readers away from xenophobia, discrimination based on gender or origin because we can moderate comments and avoid inappropriate words.

Kattia BDigital Editor, EL Tiempo

Viafoura's automated moderation system is the best I've worked with. It's a tough world out there dealing with trolls. Their systems eliminate many offensive, racist and inappropriate comments, freeing up producer time to focus on journalism and engagement. We're also making use of their Live Chat and Live Stories features as two more "mid-funnel" strategies to keep people engaged and active on our own sites.

Dustin BlockHead of Engagement, Graham Media

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