Content Share Bar

Increase your shares & traffic with our Content Share Bar

Our Content Share Bar is the easiest way to integrate share functionality into your digital properties. It provides users with a low barrier to entry to share your content with their social networks and drive traffic to your site.

Our Content Share Bar supports official social network share buttons and can be customized to match the look-and-feel of your site.

How it works

Social Share Buttons

Highlight and promote on-site trending and engaging articles in real-time to increase social sharing and traffic on mobile, tablet, and desktop

Email Sharing

Provide users with a simple way to email your content via Gmail, Yahoo, or other email providers

Customizable & Easy to Install

Customize the functionality and behaviour on each section of your site through the back-end management tools, without ever having to touch the code

Powerful Audience Insights

Discover for the first time, the impact of social sharing on attention time and traffic as it happens. No guesswork, just data-driven insights

Smarter Social Sharing

Our Content Share Bar is just as easy to use as it is to integrate across your digital properties.

Now you can increase social shares, brand awareness, and referral traffic all while capturing deep insights on the impact on attention time, pageviews, unique visitors, and more.

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