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Native Push Notifications on macOS for Chrome

Browser-based push notifications, which we released as part of our new audience engagement suite, have proven to be an incredibly powerful new channel for directly communicating with audiences. By allowing you to push important and personalized messages to your audience’s desktops and android devices, even when they are not on your site, you can drive […]

Driving SEO with User Generated Content

Viafoura is your partner in audience development and as such, we take SEO very seriously. We are one of the only major commenting and engagement platforms that natively support search indexing of our commenting tool (Facebook comments and Disqus do not). But SEO goes far beyond just allowing indexing. Here are some of the ways […]

Viafoura Automated Moderation & Enhanced Community and User Management

iafoura has developed Automated Moderation and enhanced community and user management features to help media organizations better manage online communities by eliminating trolls and increasing engagement. More than just blocking vulgar words, Viafoura Automated Moderation and enhanced community and user management features create a safe environment for online conversations and promote higher quality comments and […]

Bring Your A(nalytics)-Game with Viafoura Audience Insights

“Moment-based” metrics like unique users and pageviews fall short in measuring audience engagement. Now, the rules of engagement and monetization are moving beyond moment-based metrics towards attention-based metrics. This shift has brought analytics platforms to the forefront to navigate these deep waters. What’s Trending in Analytics? Editors and journalists are forced to use a smattering […]

Human Vs. Machine: The Moderation Wars

Moderation is top of mind as media organizations aim to drive engagement, increase civility and create a positive user experience. In a study done by Pew Research Center in 2010, 37% of internet users in the U.S. participated in the creation of news by commenting, social sharing and emailing. For perspective, that’s 85 million people—more […]