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The benefits of a dedicated team and market leading AI moderation to help lead you towards established goals and targets, while providing ongoing health checks along the way

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Take a completely hands-off approach to community management and moderation, while saving in-house resources, ensuring 24/7 vigilance. Benefit from recommended best practices, technologies and processes to support your business plans with ongoing health checks and accountability.

Viafoura Community Management

A Full Service Solution

Available in multiple languages, Viafoura Community Management offers a dedicated team of experienced content analysts who work vigilantly to uphold your community guidelines in real time with market leading AI moderation to reach audience growth goals, while reviewing moderation cues and comments within defined SLAs to identify story leads, respond to top commenters and support pre-moderation workflows.

Viafoura Community Management Pairs Great With:

Automated Moderation

Uphold your community standards in real-time

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Allow real-time conversations to unfold directly on site to create a highly engaged community

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Data APIs

Gain access to first-party data to drive better outcomes and inform business decisions

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Grow community engagement and reach your goals with the support of Viafoura’s smart AI technology and industry leading best practices.

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