Attending the 2017 Mega-Conference? We’ll see you there!

We’re looking forward to the 2017 Mega-Conference (February 23-25, 2017) in Orlando and hope to see you there. If you want to learn more about audience development and get some goodies in the process…then we’ve got you covered.

Visit us at Booth #304 to learn more about how Viafoura Audience Development Platform is changing the way media organizations are building and monetizing a direct relationship with their audience, with their brand and content at the center of it all.

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Viafoura Wins Owler’s 2016 Hot in Toronto Award


We’re excited to announce Viafoura has been selected as one of the recipients for Owler’s 2016 Hot in Toronto Awards. This year, Owler has selected 37 of Toronto’s hottest companies (out of 52,000 companies) and we’re one of them!

Each year, Owler, a crowdsourced competitive intelligence platform, recognizes the top trending companies in cities around the world. They sift through over 15 million companies listed on their platform to find the most award-worthy businesses.

Recipients are selected based on various metrics, including data collected from the Owler community, company followers, and profile views over the past year.

We are proud to be one of the most popular, top trending technology companies in Toronto.

CBC Improves the Quality of Online Conversations Below the Fold

CBC is committed to growing a more vibrant online community on and creating a more civil user experience in line with their community standards. Leveraging Viafoura’s enhanced features (including email verification, display name, avatar moderation, and user muting), CBC has been able to increase the number of ‘real’ people engaging in ‘real’ conversations, reduce the number of trolls, spammers, and bots, and improve the quality of interactions and discourse on their site.

CBC’s Product Owner, Web Presentation, confirms, “Working with Viafoura has been instrumental in upholding our commitment to maintaining a respectful, safe, and welcoming community where Canadians can engage with our content and each other in discussing the issues of the day.”

“Working with Viafoura has been instrumental in upholding our commitment to maintaining a respectful, safe, and welcoming community.”
– Product Owner, Web Presentation, CBC

With Viafoura, CBC has seen a significant lift in on-site interactions including increases in comments, replies, and likes, a decrease in the rate of flagged comments, and a continued increase in overall user engagement. This has contributed to an increase in new daily registered users, validating CBC’s commitment to audience retention, loyalty, community, and growth.

“Viafoura is dedicated to empowering media companies, like CBC, to strike the right balance between engagement and moderation to enable higher quality conversations on their site,” confirms Michael Seto, Client Success Manager, Viafoura. He adds, “Seeing Viafoura achieve exactly what we set out to do is one of the many successes of our growing partnership with CBC.”

Learn more about CBC’s opportunities and successes in driving engagement below the fold and managing a growing and evolving community in our webinar on demand: More Than a Comment – How CBC Creates Real Conversations Below the Fold.

Viafoura empowers over 600 media brands to engage, discover, and grow their audience through a robust set of engagement, analytics, and user experience management tools. We enable media companies to increase audience interactions with automated cross-platform tools, unlock first-party engagement data from on-site and social channels, and make informed decisions with real-time actionable insights.

About CBC/Radio-Canada
CBC/Radio-Canada is Canada’s national public broadcaster and one of its largest cultural institutions. We are Canada’s trusted source of news, information, and Canadian entertainment. Deeply rooted in communities all across the country, CBC/Radio-Canada offers diverse content in English, French, and eight Indigenous languages. We also provide international news and information from a uniquely Canadian perspective.

Media Contacts
Allison Munro, Head of Marketing & Business Development, Viafoura,

Chuck Thompson, Head of Public Affairs, CBC English Services,

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The Virginian-Pilot Empowers Readers and the Newsroom

Virginian Pilot Logo

The Virginian-Pilot, the #1 source of news, information, entertainment, and advertising in Southeast Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina, implements Viafoura Audience Development Platform across its digital property. The Virginian-Pilot’s easy implementation of Viafoura’s robust set of engagement, analytics, and user experience management tools, proves that audience engagement and community moderation doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process.

With Viafoura’s engagement and social tools, The Virginian-Pilot offers its readers an improved user experience with a frictionless social login, an easy-to-use article share bar for social sharing, and commenting to enable real-time conversations to unfold on its site. Its newsroom can access this first-party data and uncover the impact of engagement on attention time, social sharing, pageviews, and unique visitors all in its Audience Insights Dashboard. With access to these new insights, its newsroom can understand what are the best performing social networks, content, and sections.

“Viafoura makes it easier for our readers to share and discuss the news and events that are important to them. Now, it’s easy for us to tell what those stories and topics are, and to manage moderation duties.”
– Director of Digital Strategy, The Virginian-Pilot

In terms of community moderation, The Virginian-Pilot aims to drastically reduce its moderation efforts with Smart automated algorithmic Moderation (SaaM). SaaM gives The Virginian-Pilot a competitive edge with its 24/7 real-time commenting moderation using natural language processing and machine learning to detect and delete spam, negative, and abusive comments before they are seen by its audience and at a fraction of the cost of human moderation. With automated commenting coverage, The Virginian-Pilot can ensure its community standards are upheld to the utmost precision.

As a result, its newsroom can focus on fostering real-time conversations between reader-to-reader and reader-to-writer. The Virginian-Pilot’s Director of Digital Strategy confirms, “With Viafoura, we’re able to empower our readers and newsroom to engage around topics that matter to our community.”

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ONA16 Event Roundup

An Event Not to Be Missed!

The Online News Association’s annual conference brings together the best in digital media for three days of informational sessions and networking opportunities. From the opening session that evoked tears from ONA’s departing, Executive Director, Jane McDonnell and the keynote audience to the endless collaboration across challenges, solutions and best practices, the global perspective from the thousands of industry professionals who came together in Denver, ONA16 was an event not to be missed!

There were many discussions took place in Denver this year – but audience engagement and community development were the two topics that dominated the September 15-17 conference.

We were happy to dive into these topics at the Viafoura Hydration Lounge, showcasing the Viafoura Audience Development Platform (and our new engagement tools!), as well as honour our commitment to #OperationHydration in keeping everyone hydrated.

In Case You Missed It…

In case you missed the conference, or if you’d like to look back on some of the key takeaways, visit the ONA16 schedule page and click through the individual sessions for live blogs, videos, and resources from the speakers.

Looking Forward to ONA17

It was great connecting with everyone at the conference and we can’t wait for ONA17! To learn more about how Viafoura can help you engage, discover, and grow your audience, connect with an Audience Development Strategist today.

Meet us at ONA16

It’s almost time! We’re heading to Denver, Colorado (September 15-17) to connect with the best in digital media. Since we had such a great time at ONA last year, we didn’t even have to think twice about attending ONA16.

See our Engagement Tools in Action

This year’s conference is special to us. We’re unveiling our new engagement tools, as part of the next phase of the Viafoura Audience Development Platform to the 1000+ digital publishers and media insiders who will be attending the conference. Drop by the Hydration Lounge (Booth C5) to connect with a Viafoura Audience Development Strategist and see our tools in action.

Win a VIP Dinner Experience During ONA16

Denver’s elevations can leave ONA attendees feeling parched, so stay hydrated by visiting the Hydration Lounge (Booth C5). Drop by to get your fruit infused water bottle and learn more about how you can win a VIP dinner experience during ONA16.

We can’t wait for the conference to begin and hope to see you there.

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New Look. New Engagement Tools. A More Powerful Platform.

Viafoura Launches Next Phase of Audience Development Platform

We’ve got a brand new look. We hope you love it as much as we do!

We’ve rolled out a new logo, website, and added new engagement tools to the Viafoura Audience Development Platform to reflect our commitment to empowering the digital world’s interactions, connections, and relationships.

You might be asking yourself, why’d we do it? Why the change?

“Viafoura has evolved greatly since we launched in 2012,” shares Jesse Moeinifar, Viafoura Founder & CEO. “To better reflect where Viafoura is today, and where we are going, we wanted to reintroduce the brand with this new release and new suite of engagement tools developed to further empower digital publishers and media companies to increase on-site engagement and grow their audience.”

In this release, Viafoura provides the framework and tools for the creation of a social network and rich user profiles to drive user-to-user interactions directly on a publisher’s site. These new engagement tools include a notification feed and browser-based push notifications to alert users of breaking news, social interactions, and information that is important to them.

“Our engagement tools are already measurably increasingly session length, visit depth, and visitor loyalty for digital publishers and media companies. This new phase takes it to the next level with a refocus on social interaction and an improved mobile experience,” confirms Dan Seaman, Product Director at Viafoura.

“The Viafoura Audience Development Platform also includes a real-time analytics dashboard to uncover the impact of on-site engagement on important KPIs to gain actionable insights,” adds Dan.

To learn more about the Viafoura Audience Development Platform, visit the Platform page.

Viafoura empowers over 600 of the world’s top media brands to engage, discover, grow with integrated user registration, engagement, moderation, and analytics tools—all in one platform.

Media Contact
Allison Munro, Head of Marketing & Business Development, Viafoura,

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Radio Interview: The Pulse of Your Community


Digital publishers and media companies are under a lot of pressure to maximize engagement and create a positive experience for users on-site and across social media channels. But they are sick and tired of the negative and trolling behaviour that their online comment sections tends to breed.

It’s no wonder why the industry is flocking to Viafoura Smart automated algorithmic Moderation (SaaM) to solve their online trolling problem.

Viafoura Founder & CEO Jesse Moeinifar sits down with Devon Peacock, Host of The Pulse on AM980 to discuss why closing your comment sections is not the answer and how SaaM can bring your online community back to life:

Your comment sections is the pulse of your community. It’s what keeps your content and site alive. How do we know this? Because commenting is one of the highest form of online engagement and is one of the main ways users interact with your content.

Users are more likely to engage in the comments when they believe the conversation is going to be civil. And the best way to ensure civil and positive dialogue is with SaaM! Using natural language processing and machine learning, SaaM automatically detect and hide nasty comments long before they’re seen by your online audience. With 24/7 coverage, our algorithms are far more effective and cost efficient than human moderation.

Tweet This: Fast Fact: People are more likely to participate if they believe the comments are civil @Viafoura @EngagingNews
Tweet This: When the trolls are at bay, users come out to play and engage in positive discourse @Viafoura

When users feel empowered to comment and engage in the discussion without the fear of trolls, they are more likely to return, register, and subscribe. So what are you waiting for?

Connect with an Audience Development Strategist to see how you can engage, discover, and grow your audience.

Radio Interview: The Conundrum of Closing Comment Sections

Viafoura CEO Jesse Moeinifar sits down with Lee Sterry from Newstalk 610 CKTB on the VIP Late Lunch radio show to discuss the importance of keeping your comment sections alive and well (…moderated that is!).

In case you were considering removing comments, here’s some food for thought:

A recent survey from the Associated Press of Media Editors confirms that 71% of editors are keeping their comment sections, and we agree! Not only does commenting provide the highest level of engagement on-site and across social media but it’s extremely valuable to your organization’s bottom line.

But how do you keep the trolls and haters at bay and turn online conversations in a positive and civil direction? Jesse explains how newsrooms can leverage Viafoura Smart automated algorithmic Moderation (SaaM) to save the day and protect your comment sections.

Hungry for more knowledge?

Listen to the radio interview below.

Tweetable Takeaways:

Tweet this: Did you know 68% of audiences spend 15% of their time spent on-site reading comments @jessemoeinifar @Viafoura

Tweet this: Why get rid of a good thing? Comments are the leading way readers can engage with your site and content @jessemoeinifar @Viafoura

Event Roundup: GEN Summit

We’re sharing some of the key takeaways from the Global Editors Network (GEN) Summit so that you can benefit too!

The GEN Summit brings together opinion leaders in the media industry from around the world to discuss the latest trends shaping newsrooms. This year’s event was held June 15-17 in Vienna, Austria.

Here’s what we heard and what you need to know from the GEN Summit 2016:

The Rise of Platform-Driven News

This year’s GEN Summit focused on “The Rise of Platform-Driven News” and its impact on the future of journalism.


L-R: Jan-Eric Peters, Meredith Artley, and panel moderator Tony Emerson. Photo: Luiza Puiu.

Major tech companies have access to large audiences like never before and they hold the finances and crucial algorithms to distribute stories on a global scale. While some might be concerned about this, the keynote panelists at the GEN Summit quickly dismissed any concerns media professionals might have about the impact platforms have on their ability to make independent editorial decisions.

Meredith Artley, Editor-In-Chief at CNN Digital encouraged publishers to experiment and play with platforms, especially with video.

“Publishers have a huge amount of power. Yes, there are these algorithms on Facebook and all the other players. We don’t control them. But we control what stories we do, how we do them and we control where and when we publish them.”

Jan-Eric Peters, Deputy CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Upday, a personalized news app that aggregates content, sees the partnership between publishers and third parties as a necessity rather than an opportunity. He confirms, “I don’t think it’s a question of trust; I think it’s a question of reality.”

He highlights the potential to leverage third party platforms to “reach people you might not have been able to reach before and turn them into loyal customers of your brand.”

Legacy vs. Digital Only Players

While digital pureplay publishers’ ‘fail fast’ approach and desire to try new things is an enormous strength compared to legacy brands’ struggle to react and adapt, it is often difficult to break through because traditional brands are “still seen as [the] source for serious news.”

Jim Roberts, former Chief Content Officer for Mashable, predicts “a shakeout in the world of digital publishers.” He goes on to say, “I don’t think the world will be as populated with as many pureplay digital publications. However, I do think that some have incredible staying power… and we haven’t seen the end of what they can do.”

Explore New Formats

The summit also highlighted a growing focus on new formats including 360 videos to reach new audiences. The Guardian, NYT, and VICE were among some of its early adopters, and there is no doubt more publishers will leverage this type of Virtual Reality (VR).

The rise of podcasts was also a hot topic at this year’s GEN Summit. While they are hardly a new medium, Sarah Van Mosel, Chief Commercial Officer at Acast confirms its popularity is growing because there are more diverse creators who are in turn, attracting new listeners to the medium.

Invest in Technology & Tools

Newsrooms still not investing enough in technology & tools, not doing enough to be tech driven business, says @emilybell #GENsummit

Newsrooms need to invest in the right technology and tools to take their audience development strategy to the next level. With Viafoura Audience Development Platform, publishers can successfully manage, monitor, moderate, and measure audience engagement on-site and across social in order to ultimately grow their audience.

Connect with an Audience Development Strategist today and see why 600+ media brands are leveraging Viafoura.

We hope you enjoyed reading our top takeaways from the event. For the latest in audience development, be sure to subscribe to our blog!